Wireless Communications

Zoning Analysis & Site Pre-Qualification

At The NLS Group, we can provide comprehensive zoning analysis and site identification with our CIS database. SiteQual presents a compilation of zoning ordinance information, restriction details, overlay maps, and pre-qualified site opportunities in both hard copy and electronic formats.

Available in all markets, only SiteQual can provide you with complete site pre-qualification and identification services nationwide.

Site Selection

With our experience in the site pre-qualification and zoning analysis, The NLS Group can identify your ideal sites for timely acquisition and permitting. Because the effectiveness of a network's design is dependent on the integrity of each individual site, site selection is performed with the utmost professional diligence. Our team approach ensures your RF, scheduling and economic requirements are met for every site in your network.

Site Acquisition

Since 1986, The NLS Group has orchestrated large-scale acquisition projects for wireless providers in major markets across North America, utilizing traditional, phased site acquisition methodology. The best means for achieving your goals will be determined in preliminary information-gathering sessions using The NLS Group's comprehensive team approach. Regardless of the preferred plan of action selected for your project, the knowledgeable, seasoned professionals at The NLS Group will deliver the services necessary to exceed your goals while maximizing productivity and minimizing project timespan. These results will provide the rapid market penetration your organization depends on to maintain its competitive edge.