Right of Way

Land Acquisition and Negotiations

Whether acquiring ownership in fee or access through right of way, leasehold or option, The NLS Group's ROW professionals provide the experienced negotiation skills necessary for a successful project. Maintaining and enhancing your reputation within the community is an essential part of our work.

Construction Management / Damage Settlement

After construction, the cost-effective, fair, and speedy settlement of damage claims is important. NLS personnel settle damage claims quickly and to your satisfaction. We have experienced agents able to monitor construction and work closely with the landowners and local public officials to help ensure that in-service dates are achieved.

Inspection Services

NLS is experienced at providing a wide variety of inspectors to protect the client's interest during construction and can assist with any post-construction activities and surveys. NLS maintains a substantial pool of inspectors available to oversee the various phases of construction inspection, such as all types of utility inspectors including ditch, backfill, welding, corrosion, cleanup, etc. The NLS also has a ready pool of environmental inspectors available for construction inspection.

Feasibility Studies

There are many factors that influence the selection of your route and provide you with the data you need to determine your final route. The NLS Group utilizes its experience to reasearch your proposed and alternate routes to determine the issues and agencies involved, while also identifying existing rights of way and routes.

Title Research and Curative

The NLS Group provides title examination services for all properties traversed by the proposed route. Parcels with defective title are cured, ensuring proper ownership of your rights of way.

Real Property Valuation Studies and Appraisals

The NLS Group provides full and fair market valuation studies and reports for temporary and permanent rights. NLS staff will develop an effective matrix to determine appropriate and accurate real property values.

Right of Entry and Survey Permissions

The NLS Group is experienced at performing the broad range of services necessary to work cohesively with landowners and agencies to obtain survey permissions and right of entry for preliminary and planning stages of the client's project.

FERC Order 609 Regulatory Compliance

The NLS Group provides implementation of FERC Order 609 required landowner notifications with use of pre-existing databases and documents. NLS can tailor programs to fit the client's needs to comply with this and other landowner related regulatory requirements.

Public Outreach Programs

The NLS Group can assist with public outreach programs targeted to landowners, agencies, public officials and the general public. NLS is experienced at contacting public officials to gain support for projects and to take advantage of pre-existing relationships. Extensive experience permitting pipeline projects provides the background and expertise needed to develop these programs.

Condemnation Support

The NLS Group has experienced negotiators on staff and highly effective procedures and programs in place to ensure good faith negotiations. NLS brings extensive experience in eminent domain proceeding and is prepared to assist the client with condemnation proceedings to ensure early right of entry and to make sure every effort has been made to reach fair and prudent settlements.

Database Design and Data Management

The NLS Group is experienced at performing the broad range of services necessary to track progress and a wide variety of reports and documents. We have on staff resources to develop and maintain the information system that each client requires.

Relocation Services

The planning and implementation of various public projects can result in the displacement of a significant number of residents and businesses. NLS has relocation specialists that have a broad experience in this area and provide aid to all levels of government and their respective agencies in the relocation effort. These specialists also have a full understanding of the "Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act" and provide clients and services in full compliance with requirements of that legislation.